Day White

Teeth whitening gel


             Day White is the teeth whitening that was used in the original ABC's Extreme Makeover.
          It contains the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide and is available in 2 concentrations:
           a)  7.5%     b)  9.5%                                                  

1. Brush and floss before you start
This goes without saying, but in case you are in too much of a hurry to start
whitening this is a must.

Brushed and flossed teeth are free from potential plaque and debri that
can prevent the whitening
agents from getting to the surface of the teeth


  Brushing teeth
2. Remove the cap
In a counterclockwise motion, twist and pull off the clear plastic cap
from the end of the syringe.


  Remove cap

3. Fit the mixing nozzle
Place the mixing nozzle on the end of the syringe and secure by twisting
the mixing nozzle in a clockwise motion.


 Remove the cap
4. Squeeze gel in the tray
Place a small amount of gel in the middle of each compartment
 of the tray
 (See picture).
Only place the gel on the part of the tray that is facing over the
 front of the tooth. To guide you the “gel drop” represents the average
 size drop you should dispense into each tooth compartment.
 (If in doubt - use less)

  small gel drop

  *Please note:
    At your next whitening session you must remove the residue gel in the mixing tip
    by squeezing this out. This whitening gel is inactive and must be removed before
    the next whitening session.


 Small pea size drop
   Use small amount of gel


  Squeeze out residue gel
    Squeeze out inactive gel

5. Seat the tray in your mouth
Place the tray with the gel in your mouth.
As you insert the tray, be careful not to push the gel out of the Whitening tray. You may see “bubbling” within your trays while wearing them.
This bubbling is actually part of the whitening process.

 Seat the tray
6. Remove excess gel
Take extra care to avoid getting gel on your gums.
Remove excess gel with your finger or a cotton swab.
(Leave the trays in your mouth for +- 45 minutes 2X daily
or leave the trays in the mouth for +-1 hour 1X daily)


 Wipe away excess gel
              wipe finger
     to remove excess gel
7. Remove the trays
After whitening, rinse the trays with cold water.
If necessary, use a toothbrush to remove any residual gel.
Place the trays in a storage case, and store them in a cool dry place.

 Store in case
8. Finish!
Rinse and brush your teeth to remove excess gel.
Well done! View your smile in the mirror and repeat whitening process
until results have been reached.



 Rinse with cold water

Leave trays in your mouth for 30 -45 minutes twice a day.
Practically it is best to do this in the morning and at night after brushing & flossing.

The treatment should go uninterrupted. If you must skip a day or two, the process
must be extended to compensate for the time missed. In order to maintain the whitest
tooth shade possible, it is best to avoid substances such as coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.
# Place tip cap on syringe nozzle after each use to avoid potential product leakage
# Try to minimize consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco, because these
   substances may re-stain the
teeth during and after the whitening process
Continue good oral hygiene throughout the treatment
# Store any remaining whitening gel in a cool dry place for later use once the process
   is complete
Use the treatment while pregnant or lactating
Whiten if you have diabetes or heart disease, consult your physician
Overload whitening trays with gel as tooth and/or gum irritation may occur
Use any household or other whitening products to whiten your teeth
Eat, drink or smoke while wearing your custom trays
# Don’t freeze the remaining whitening gel
Some patients may experience increased tooth sensitivity to cold during the treatment,
while others may have nonspecific sensitivity in their teeth, gums, tongue, lips or throat.
If any of these symptoms occur and are more than mild, discontinue the treatment until
you speak with your dental professional.. The symptoms should subside within 1-3 days
after interrupting the treatment.
When the sensitivity is gone, consider the following options. If the problem is gum irritation,
reduce the amount of gel used in your trays. Also, place your trays on your teeth and visually
examine them. If the trays extend over your gums, have your dental professional trim them
to prevent the gel from getting on your gums.
If the sensitivity is in the teeth, try whitening every other or every third night.
If the sensitivity persists, ask your dental professional for Tooth Mousse®, a desensitizing
gel to be used in conjunction with the whitening gel. Again, if the discomfort continues,
discontinue the treatment and consult your dental professional. It is normal to see dark colour
in the trays where you have amalgam (silver) fillings.
The gel oxidizes the surface stains on theses amalgam fillings. The area of the tooth closest
to the gums may take longer to lighten than the biting edge. It will also remain the darkest
part of the tooth.

Some patients will never need to repeat the whitening process. However, if you notice that
you are acquiring some stain, you may do a touch-up for one to three nights every
4 -6 months. You can purchase more whitening syringes from your dental professional.

ALWAYS contact your dental professional if you have any questions!





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