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Teeth Whitening

This is exactely the Standard Home Whitening system
 but you get to take your own dental impressions.

Here is why you want to choose this option:

teeth whitening

You cannot see your dentist for impressions
Sometimes life happens and you just cannot get time off to
visit your dentist. Your dentist has cleared you for custom tray home whitening and by taking your own impressions you cut out the dental impression visit.

teeth whitening 

Very economical way to get the standard system
By effectively cutting out the dental impression visit, your dentist saves on chairtime and therefore you get the same system at a discounted price.

teeth whitening  Makes for a great gift
You can easily give someone you know the chance to have a whiter smile. They can pre-qualify themselves and do the 'self analysis test' to see if whitening is an option for them. Your dentist must still give them the final clearance.
teeth whitening

All the benefits of a home whitening system
See Home whitening


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