Teeth Whitening Cape Town 

With Whitening Direct, whitening 
 your teeth and keeping them white a 
  lifetime has never been easier!


  Here is why everybody is raving about us:


 teeth whitening WD has taken custom tray whitening to a new level
by providing STEP-BY-STEP online support in the comfort of your own home!

 teeth whitening

We make Teeth Whitening Affordable to everyone!
Our motto is to bring the GOLD STANDARD in teeth whitening(customized tray whitening) to everyone at the best possible price! Our new EZ IMPRESSION TAKING system eliminates the need for a dental impression visit, making it more affordable than ever before!

 teeth whitening cape town

At WD we know that although some people may never have to whiten their teeth again, the majority would need a 'touch up' every 6 months or so to maintain their level of whiteness! With our UNLIMITED WHITENING option, your dentist will provide a complimentary whitening syringe to you every 6 months to ensure your smile stay white for life!
Participating dentists only / conditions apply

 teeth whitening

We make teeth whitening EASY!
With step-by-step instructions, photos and videos we show you just how easy it really is!

 teeth whitening

As seen on Extreme Makeover
Whitening Direct can be used with most whitening gels availably today including DAY WHITE & NIGHT WHITE that is used by Dr Bill Dorfman from the hit TV show 'Extreme Makeover'.


 teeth whitening No dental impression visits needed!  new!
Your dentist does not need to see you to take impressions of your teeth thus saving you time and money. (Taking time out of your busy schedule is unnecessary as you are taking the impressions yourself.)
By cutting out the dental visit the dentist can afford to bring you whitening at the most affordable price!

 teeth whitening 21 Days Teeth Whitening DIARY/FORUM
At Whitening Direct we like to help you through the whole whitening process in the comfort of your home. Our 24/7 available DIARY/FORUM provides the place where you can read what other people are saying and where you can ask questions. Check out this 21 day whitening diary  on the website.

 teeth whitening

We are compatable with all the major whitening systems used by dentists world wide!

 teeth whitening

Amazing Follow up System
Unlimited Whitening make use of an amazing follow up system where we will send you updated reminders to collect your next complimentary whitening syringe! Your dentist can then track your complimentary whitening sessions to make sure you will never miss out.


 teeth whitening

Our Unlimited Whitening is an Investment 
Unlike other whitening systems our UNLIMITED WHITENING option will provide you with free whitening for life.
* new trays can be purchased at cost



teeth whitening cape town

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