Unlimited Teeth Whitening
An unlimited supply of Whitening...


Are you looking for an easy & affordable way
to get and keep the white teeth you've
always wanted?

Are you tired of whitening methods
that don't provide lasting results?

Do you want to have

  Finally we have listened and bring you the option to have
  a white smile for life! Whitening Direct is easy, simple, affordable
 and offers you free unlimited whitening for life!


Teeth Whitening Unlimited


  When you purchase HOME WHITENING from your dentist you have the option
  to upgrade to the UNLIMITED WHITENING option of WD.

  Your dentist will pre-qualify you by:

teeth whitening cape town  initial exam
teeth whitening cape town  cleaning
teeth whitening cape town  x-rays
teeth whitening cape town  repair all essential dental

  What will you get:
  Your dentist will give you a free whitening syringe every
  6 months at your cleaning appointment

  *Your requirements:

 teeth whitening  Visit your dentist every 6 months for exam and cleaning to ensure healthy teeth.
 teeth whitening  Provide at least 48 hours notice to cancel or postpone scheduled  appointments.
 teeth whitening  A contract will be drawn up to ensure access to our free unlimited whitening!

 * conditions apply



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