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Teeth whitening Cape town1.  Is teeth whitening not harmful to your teeth?
A: No. The active ingredient is carbamide/hydrogen peroxide that is broken down in oxygen and water. Some people experience some form of temporary sensitivity during the whitening process when the oxygen is taken up into the tooth.
This always goes away within 1 -3 days when whitening is discontinued.

Frequently asked questions2.  What exactely is Whitening Direct?
A: WD is a unique system that simplifies general teeth whitening for the man in the street. We break this down in our unique and simple Whitening menu. We further provides online support for
any custom tray home whitening.
The success of tray whitening lies in the follow through and continual use of the whitening gel. This is a gradual process and many people lack the discipline to follow through.

With our 21 day whitening diary we have overcome this.
We also Provide UNLIMITED WHITENING that ensures your teeth stays white forever! Whitening is never a once-off process and most people would need continuel 'touch-ups'.

Frequently asked questions3.  I do not want to take my own impressions. Can I still benefit from WD?
Absolutely! We have found that many people do not get the results they wish for when doing whitening due to the lack of a proper support system. WD will guide you through the whitening process step-by-step to ensure you reach your optimum level of whiteness and stick with the whitening program.

Frequently asked questions4.  Do you really offer FREE UNLIMITED WHITENING?
A: Absolutely! By enrolling in the UNLIMITED WHITENING program from your dentist you can get access to the FREE WHITENING for life option. Unlike other whitening products we know that teeth whitening is almost never a once off procedure. To keep your teeth looking white you need maintenance. Our unique UNLIMITED WHITENING* option makes this the most economical and practical way as your dentist will supply you with FREE whitening for a lifetime!
* conditions apply.

Frequently asked questions5.  Is Teeth Whitening not permanent?
A: Although some people may never have to whiten their teeth again, the majority would need maintenance.
Coffee, tea, smoking and every day life will soon cause some staining that will wear away at your new white smile. Teeth whitening is very seldom a once-off process. It is for this very reason that WD uses UNLIMITED WHITENING to help you keep your white smile a lifetime!

Frequently asked questions6.  I am a smoker. Can I still whiten my teeth?
A: Yes. Many people have yellow teeth , because of the effects of smoking. It goes without saying that continual smoking will cause continual staining. Tray whitening and WD is ideal as it uses UNLIMITED WHITENING to provide you with continual maintenance to keep your teeth looking white.

Frequently asked questions7.  What happens if I lose my trays?
A: If you are on the Unlimited Whitening program you will qualify for new trays at cost price.

Frequently asked questions8.  My dentist uses opalescense teeth whitening. Is it compatable with WD?
A: Yes. WD is compatable with most tray whitening gels used by dentists worldwide.

Frequently asked questions9.  What if my dentist does not offer or support WD. Can I purchase products  from the website?
A: No. The WD EZ IMPRESSION SYSTEM and our UNLIMITED WHITENING option can only be purchased from your dental profesional. Proper prescription strength whitening always need to be supervised by your dentist. However, you can still visit us online for help and support since WD is a free service!

Frequently asked questions10. I have a crown and some yellow dental fillings on my front teeth. Can I still use WD to whiten my teeth?
A: In short, yes. If you want whiter teeth the first step is to always start with whitening your teeth with teeth whitening. This provides the new base colour to which all your new restorations and crowns are match to. If whiter teeth is your primarily goal, you have to redo these restorations and crown anyway to get a new whiter smile.

Dental restorations do not whiten, but TRAY WHITENING is ideal to get around this problem. TRAY WHITENING offers gradual whitening that is controlled by you on a daily basis. You determine how white is white and simply stop when you have reach your desired level of whiteness. You now have the option to redo these old restorations or crowns or if the colour difference is not too obvious, just leave it.

Always consult your dental proffesional before attempting any teeth whitening.


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