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Teeth whitening


In Office whitening, is done in the dental office
and is ussually performed by a dental professional.


Here is why you want to choose this option:


teeth whitening

You want FAST results!
Maybe you are getting married this week-end or just want white teeth yesterday? In office whitening will get you a white smile instantly!

teeth whitening

You have teeth that are very discoloured
Your dentist will need to see you first to determine whether this is
a good  option for you. Stronger concentrations are ussually used to get rid   of tricky stained teeth.

teeth whitening

Previous whitening methods didn't really helped a lot
Your dentist will finally determine if you are a good candidate for whitening   or not, but very few people will not benefit from teeth whitening. As In-office whitening uses stronger concentrations of whitening, it makes sense that this might help to whiten more 'resistant' teeth.

teeth whitening

You have only a few select teeth that need whitening
If you have a non-vital tooth that is discoloured you would need the 'walking bleach' method to whiten this tooth. Sometimes only a few vital teeth need whitening to blend in with existing dental work such as fillings, crowns or veneers, that appear whiter than the surrounding teeth.

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teeth whitening cape town



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