We are making teeth whitening 
 Simple, Easy & Affordable
with our unique
teeth whitening MENU.

With all the many teeth whitening
options available it is easy to
become confused and
cluttered with info.

In addition we have taken
custom tray

Teeth Whitening to a new level
to ensure affordable teeth
from the dentist,
but without the dentist!

We provide:

teeth whitening Cape Town

step-by-step instructions,
teeth whitening Cape Town  online support
teeth whitening Cape Town  an interactive diary
teeth whitening Cape Town  complimentary whitening
teeth whitening Cape Town and a whitening experience
that will keep you smiling 24/7 

Today tray whitening is the most popular teeth
whitening option provided by dentists worldwide!

After leaving the dental office, many patients do not
get the 'out of office' support that is needed to ensure
a hassle free whitening experience at home!

We are here to take your hand and offer you an
over-the-shoulder view of how to go about
tray whitening at home and get the most
value out of your whitening experience!


teeth whitening Cape Town 


Our mission: To make Teeth Whitening SIMPLE, EASY 
 and AFFORDABLE for everyone and to help you keep your
 new white smile a LIFETIME!
teeth whitening Cape Town 


Developed by a Dentist, this system finally takes custom
tray whitening
 to a new level and offers:

    * Step-by-Step instructions
* Photos and videos
    * 21-DAY INTERACTIVE Diary
    * Our amazing E-Z Impression taking system™
 Traditionally custom tray whitening is a 2 visit process:

  visit 1

 Dental impressions are taken

  visit 2  Custom-made whitening trays are fit

Why do you need custom trays?
 Custom trays ensure a snug fit unlike other over-the-
 counter standard or boil-and-bite trays that allows for
 saliva to leek in, creating a diluting effect.

With WD you have the option of taking your own dental impressions so your dentist does not need to see you anymore for impressions as you can now take your own with our E-Z(EAZY) IMPRESSION TAKING SYSTEM!


teeth whitening Cape Town 

EZ Impression taking system  New!  
 This system allows you to take your own whitening
 impressions with easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
 This means proffesional Teeth Whitening from the dentist, 
 but without the dental impression visit!
    How does it work?

  1. After your whitening consultation, you purchase the
     EZ impression system from your dentist.
 2. Step-by-step instructions and DVD show you how
     to take your own impressions in the comfort of your
 3. You send the impressions to your dentist and they
     provide you with your complete whitening kit and
     customized whitening trays.

    Why do you take your own impressions?
    Cutting out the dental impression visit, enables the dentist
    to bring you teeth whitening at the most affordable price!

teeth whitening Cape Town 

Compatable with most dental whitening Products:
 WD offers support for most dental whitening systems.


  Day White Whitening


  Night White Whitening


  Opalescence Whitening


  Beyond Whitening



* Unlimited Whitening
 At WD we know that whitening your teeth with teeth
 whitening will not lasts forever
 and coffee, tea, smoking
 and every day life will soon wear away at your new white
 smile. This means that most people would require continual
 whitening to keep their teeth and smile looking white!

 Unlike other products
 that offer white teeth in an hour
 with  little back up,
 offers you FREE WHITENING GEL to help you to
 keep your new white smile for life!

How does it work?


Choose the unlimited whitening option when purchasing custom tray whitening from your dentist.


Your dentist will give you a  Complimentary WHITENING SYRINGE when you visit for your bi-anual cleaning and dental check-ups.


This FREE WHITENING will ensure that your teeth stay white for life and comes complimentary from your dentist as long as you honour your regular 6 monthly routine dental visits. (* conditions apply)

* Unlimited Whitening is only available at participating
       dentists. Conditions apply.


teeth whitening cape town

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