Apr 17th, 2010 | By Team | Category: 21 Days

4 Comments to “DAY 5”

  1. One of my work colleagues commented on my teeth today. It really is a lot whiter. Keeping a piece of cotton under my tongue to help with all the spit… Otherwise it dissolves all the bleach out…

  2. Juanita Janse van Rensburg says:

    Today is Valentine’s day and I’ve got n Fantastic brighter smile on my face,every day I can see progress in the whitening process of my teeth,my gums is not sensitive at all,due to the fact that my trays is cut perfect to fit my whole teeth,and it’s not going over my gums,

  3. Roché says:

    Today was the first day that my gums were sore when I brushed my teeth. I should make sure that the bleach don’t touch my gums. Apparently I can cut my trays so that it only covers my teeth.

  4. Christiaan says:

    Did not whiten teeth on day 5.

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