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  1. Juanita Janse van Rensburg says:

    I’ve got engaged last night,was the most amazing expierence and I’m sure my white teeth leads to a much more beautifull smile and made the moment much more special.
    I am trying to avoid red wine,tea and coffee due to the fact that it stain your teeth even more during the whitening process!But it doesn’t bother me at all,teeth looks so much nicer!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Roche,
    Please note that you should actually whiten your teeth twice a day, but if sensitivity problems arise you can downscale to once a day.
    Please see the info under whitening instructions on the BLOG:

    TREATMENT TIME: Leave trays in your mouth for 30 -45 minutes twice a day. Practically it is best to do this in the morning and at night after brushing & flossing.
    The treatment should go uninterrupted. If you must skip a day or two, the process must be extended to compensate for the time missed. In order to maintain the whitest tooth shade possible, it is best to avoid substances such as coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco.

  3. Roché says:

    I can see a difference!! So excited! I’m asking everyone if they can see it too! They don’t really see anything. I just think they are jealous! So excited!

    My gums feel fine when I brushed it.

  4. Roché says:

    My gums are still sore when I brush them. Still can’t really see a difference yet. Maybe I’m looking at them too often. I also phoned Christiaan today to ask if I can bleach twice a day….he first laughed and answered NO!
    Guess I’ll just have to bleach religiously everyday!

  5. Christiaan says:

    Did the same as day 4. Seeing good results and will apply again in 2 days time.

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