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  1. Zandi Muir says:

    Today I used 3 toilet paper bolls – getting better every day.
    I could actually tatste the gel after removing the month gards at the end of the session so I knew I didn’t swallow it all.

  2. I skipped today. My teeth felt a little sensitive… Looks a lot whiter already.

  3. Juanita Janse van Rensburg says:

    Full of excitement day 3 started:
    When starting day 3 I’ve decided to put a bit bit less bleach in the tray’s,because the results is so good,and then my bleasch can last longer!!!So impressed after every bleach session and I just want to smile all the way and much more than usual!!!!

  4. Roché says:

    I think I’m starting to get the right amount of bleach in my trays. Only a little bleach pushed up on my gums today.
    My teeth feels fine, I don’t have any sensitivity problems like Christiaan.

  5. Christiaan Van Wyk says:

    I took 2 days off.

    Today I used a lot less bleach and it felt good. Only a very small amount of bleach seeped out and I wiped it off and it felt very comfortable.
    My teeth only feel a little bit sensitive right after I bleach for a few hours and then it’s fine. It looked like my teeth were whiter after the 3rd time I bleached.

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