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DAY 2 of Teeth Whitening!


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  1. Zandi Muir says:

    Today I used cotton bolls under my tongue.
    Soaked 6 bolls and swallowed a lot less.
    I could see a difference after todays session.

  2. Today went a lot easier. I used less gel than before. Watching your favourite tv series while waiting helps! :)

  3. Juanita Janse van Rensburg says:

    Finally day 2 started:
    I was so excited to bleach the second day,just to see the results afterwards!!!
    And the the best of everything is that my parents and partner could see the difference in my teeth’s colour
    After my very 1st day!!!!
    It makes me so excited to go on for 20 more days!!!

  4. Roché says:

    I should have read this blog before I started. I see the same thing happened to Christiaan!

    Today used much less bleach, but I still had to wipe some of it off my gums. Much better today.

  5. Christiaan Van Wyk says:

    I think I used way too much bleach today. A lot of bleach seeped out of the trays as I placed it on my teeth and I wiped it off, but left some on my gums, which was a mistake. It burned quite a bit while I had the bleach on my gums.

    TIP: Do not put too much bleach in your trays, a small amount goes a long way!

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