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  1. Zandi Muir says:

    Found something that worked for me.
    I softly bit down in a ball of toilet paper, pulled my tongue back and tilted my head back a little bit and breather through my mouth.
    I only swallowed a few times and the whitening worked it’s magic.
    My teeth is much whiter and it makes you want to smile even more than usual.

  2. My teeth are not sensitive anymore. It’s like they are use to it… Doing it in the evenings; this helps, because my teeth can recover while I sleep and not feel sensitive. I do have a lot of difficulty with my mouth watering so much while I keep the trays in…

  3. Juanita Janse van Rensburg says:

    Realising that I look much more in the mirror and smile and some of my colleages at work ask me what I did,because look so much happier and smile much more,and reason why…….Love my whiter teeth and I want to smile more!!!Feels fantastic :)

  4. Roché says:

    I almost made a car accident today as I was looking at my teeth in my car mirror. I’m very excited but can’t really see a difference yet. My teeth feels fine and I have no problems.

  5. Christiaan Van Wyk says:

    Today I did exactly the same as yesterday and it felt good. Not too much sensitivity and I can definitely see that it is getting whiter!

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