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DAY 1 of Teeth Whitening!

Congratulations on taking the next step in building your confidence and reversing the clock by whitening your teeth!  You have received your customized whitening trays and whitening gel and are ready for the first whitening!

Make sure to read all the instructions in the leaflets and watch the DVD provided.
Take note to brush and  floss your teeth first before you start.


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  1. Zandi Muir says:

    Took my before photo and got ready for my first session.
    Mouth watered like crazy.
    Spat the first 2 times then swollowed the rest – dont think it was a successful session.

  2. Have just done my first ever Teeth Whitening with the Whitening Direct. Was a little nervous at first. Not sure how much gel was enough and if the whitening would burn my gums. It bubbled a little, but was fine. Some of the gel squeezed out but I used my finger to remove it. My mouth watered a lot, and I spat the first few times, making sure I didn’t swallow too much of the bleach (even though the bleach is safe). I can see a difference after first use…my teeth look whiter already. Day 2 will go a lot better. I will even use less gel than before.

  3. Juanita Janse van Rensburg says:

    Started using Whitening Direct:
    I was a bit stressed out on day one of using the bleach and trays,because it’s the first time in my life that I do the bleaching!!But I was so suprised with the results after my very first use,could’nt wait for day two to do it again!!!

  4. Roché says:

    Got my trays today, and started immediately. After I’ve put my bleach in the trays and into my mouth the bleach started to bubble out of the tray…apparently that is not suppose to happen and I’ve put too much bleach in the trays. Will be more careful tomorrow!

    Yey, one day closer to a new bright smile!

  5. Christiaan Van Wyk says:

    Taking impressions: At first I was a bit nervous doing it by myself, but the steps were easy to follow and the impressions came out good. I got my bleaching trays within 2 days.
    Excited to start bleaching today.

    Will keep you posted!

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